Transform your Financial Life while Earning Credit with the 99 Collegiate Course

The 99 Collegiate Course is accepted with a passing grade of 70% or better at Belhaven University for Prior Learning credit.

99 Collegiate Course

Learn with a personal  one on one instructor that guides you through the course.

This expanded 99 Course that includes:

  • Everything in the 99 Course plus
  • Introduction to Money, Banks, Interest, & Debt
  • Be Smart with Money Workbook
  • 99 Collegiate Course Lesson 9 Workbook Explainer Vi

Yes – there is a test! This is an undergraduate level course accepted by Belhaven University. Students must pass with a 70 or greater score to receive credit and the certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my University/College accept the course for credit?

Answer:  If your institution accepts prior learning for credit – you can submit the course curriculum and your certificate of completion to your academic institution’s registrar or prior learning assessment committee.  Each academic institution decides to accept the course individually.

How many credit hours is this course accepted for at Belhaven University?

Answer:  The course is awarded 1 credit hour towards your degree at Belhaven University.  Other academic institutions will evaluate the number of hours of work and assign the number of credit hours based on their own individual criterion.

Does this automatically enroll me in Belhaven University?

Answer: No, you must submit your application and be accepted by Belhaven University to become a student.

Is there a test?

Answer:  Yes, Students must pass with a 70 or greater score to receive credit and the certificate. 


Certificate, Credit and Confidence

With successful completion of the program, learners receive a Certificate from 101 Financial. Certificates are recommended for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit from Belhaven University.  The course is available directly online from the 101 Financial website and learning platform.

Our Partner

“We are pleased to be working with 101 Financial through Envisage Global to bring personal financial upskilling to all that need these important life skills. Personal financial skills allow students, employees and individuals to understand how money works.”

Dr. Paula J. Zobisch, Vice President, Envisage Global.

Our Partner

“We are proud to offer prior learning credit for students taking 101 Financial courses through Envisage Global. This training can provide students with a solid financial understanding and, at the same time, students can earn college credit that can be applied toward an undergraduate degree at Belhaven University.”

Dr. Audrey Kelleher, Vice President, Belhaven University

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