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6 Ways You Can Get A Raise

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6 Ways You Can Get A Raise

Imagine what your family would say when you come home from work and proclaim… “I just got a big fat raise!” They would be happy for you, and happy that you are able to support them even more.

How would you like to get a raise? Most people will immediately say YES! If you work for a company as an employee, one of the fastest ways to bring home more cash is to ask for a raise.

However, many people are afraid of asking for a raise, because they might get turned down. Well, you may be surprised to learn that 75% of those who ask for a raise get it, according to Payscale.com.

Want to increase your chances of getting the raise you want? Well you can, when you use these 6 Ways to Get a Raise:

Getting a Raise Step 1: Know how much to ask for.

If you don’t know the fair going rate for your position, then your plan could backfire. Do your research by turning to websites like GetRaised, Comparably, and PayScale to get salary information on related positions.

Getting a Raise Step 2: Document your results.

Keep detailed records of how your actions have helped to increase the bottom line of the company. This will help make your case for a raise. It will also remind your superiors how valuable you are to their company.

Getting a Raise Step 3: Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Research the best ways to negotiate a raise, then practice your negotiation skills with a family member or friend. The more you practice, the more your confidence will build. The key to effective negotiation is to approach it with confidence.

Getting a Raise Step 4: Be friendly and easy to work with.

The old saying goes, you’ll attract more flies with sugar than vinegar. The fact is, bosses like to hire, work with and promote people who are fun. The best work environments are made up of team players who are friendly with each other as they pursue a common goal.

Getting a Raise Step 5: Be positive.

With confidence comes a positive outlook on your life and your job. Never approach asking for a raise by begging or giving a sob story about your bad situation. Start the conversation on a positive note and support your request with reasons why you deserve a raise.

Getting a Raise Step 6: Get the job done every day.

Prove your worth through your work ethic, professionalism and great attitude each and every day. Show through your actions that you are a team player and get the job done every day. For many employers, considering giving you a raise comes down to your personal production and how you help the company profit and grow.

Follow these steps and you could find yourself getting the raise you want. Congratulations! Yet, be careful after getting that well deserved raise, that you don’t squander your pay increase. Instead use it wisely, to pay off debt, invest or put away in your rainy day savings fund.