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101 Success Story of the Week – The Ruiz’s

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101 Success Story of the Week – The Ruiz’s

Back in 2009 when we first started dating, my husband and I heard about 101 Financial through my cousin, Jina. Boy, we wish we had started back then!

When 101 was first introduced to us, we thought it wasn’t for us. We were skeptical. We thought it was a scheme.

Then Ana our cousin-in-law told us to attend a seminar and it opened up our minds. After that, I think what helped the most was when we heard testimonials from our own family members, especially my mom who was already on the 101 Financial System. It made us become more trusting.

Sadly, what really gave us the biggest push was when we had to purchase another car because we had gotten into our first car accident and totaled our only mode of transportation. We were lucky that we were all safe and walked away without a scratch.

So we had to purchase a bigger and safer vehicle. We did so without the experience of buying a vehicle. We soon discovered we needed a better way of managing our money, building our credit and eliminating debt.

Going back 6 months ago we were about to start our first 99 Financial class. We had to postpone the meeting with Ana for a week because we honestly could not afford the $199 tuition! As soon as we began, our eyes and minds opened up and started learning the process of how to manage and budget our money and learned about “cash flow.”

From then on, we were truly excited for what we both could do to help ourselves and provide for our three children. It impacted our relationship as well because there were fewer arguments about money between my husband and I.

So, about 2 weeks ago we able to graduate to the 101 Financial System and were able to pay off 4 of our debts.
We are so happy with how far we have come.

We are thankful every day. We will continue to work hard at our program so we can be debt free by next spring, and work on our future goals. It is definitely something we want to pass on to our children. Thank you Alan, Jina and Ana and 101 Financial.

– Shelly and Abe Ruiz