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101 Student Success Story – The Racca’s

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101 Student Success Story – The Racca’s

After graduating college, Gerren and I moved to my hometown of Boise, Idaho. We got married, bought our first home and thought we were set. Life was good! A few years later Gerren was offered a job on Kauai and we were so excited for the opportunity to experience life on the island. We attempted to sell our house and realized quickly we were $30,000 upside down on our house plus consumer debt, we needed help!

Not able to see a way out, we filed bankruptcy in 2009 and in 2010 moved to Kauai. 3 years later we found ourselves accumulating consumer debt again and it was starting to look similar to our prior situation. We had a car loan, credit cards and our student loans totaling $32,000. In March 2013 we were introduced to 101 Financial by Gerren’s cousin, what a blessing!

The success stories we were hearing at our first workshop were so surreal, we questioned, “how could they be paying off so much debt in such a little time?” Hearing all the student’s stories that come from various situations and financial backgrounds, reassured us that we, too, could have the opportunity to feel that financial peace of mind that everyone spoke of. In addition, we were so impressed by the amount of support given to the students.

We started on the 99 system in April and were on it for the next 4 months, and in July 2013 we graduated to the 101 system. We were so excited! We began dreaming again and thinking about things that always weighed on our heart that we felt were out of our reach. For the first time in our lives our finances were organized, simplified and we felt financial peace of mind, because we had a plan! The education we received was the knowledge we needed. The only thing we wished was different was that we knew about 101 years ago, we could have avoided losing our home.

By the end of September we had paid off a personal loan, our credit card, Gerren’s student loan and the 101 tuition, all totaling over $10,000!!! Because of our success we could not help but share our story with friends and family. We became 101 Financial instructors in September 2013 and are passionate in helping others feel excited about their financial future!

Being educated by our instructors Aunty Barbara and Uncle Harry on the 101 system has changed our lives forever. Although we have always set goals, prior to 101 we were uncertain on how we were going to reach them financially. Thankfully, this plan is proven and we are working hard to reach our goals.

In October 2013 we attended our first 101 Financial University on Oahu. It was an eye-opening weekend full of knowledge, inspiration, motivation, achievement and FUN! 101 has changed the lives of so many people and families and it’s such an honor to be around like-minded people who are making positive changes and inspiring others to do the same.

We recommend 101 Financial because of the education you will receive about banking, budgeting and choices. Education is power and with this knowledge you can set and achieve goals to live the life you have always dreamed about.

– Gerren & Kelli Racca, formerly from Kauai and recently relocated to Boise, ID