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101 Showed me the World… Literally!

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101 Showed me the World… Literally!

“Hi! I’m Gabby Desimone. I’m 20 years old now, but began my financial life right out of high school. I had always been a saver and thrifty with my money because I grew up in a household that was quite poor, always struggling to make ends meet and stressing on where money would come from. Seeing my parents always worrying and never having the opportunity to just live their life, and be in a constant mode of stress, was EXACTLY what I didn’t want for my future.

I knew that if that was to be the case I would need to be diligent with my resources and break the cycle I was raised in. I had a conversation with my Aunty Shan Otare one day, about the goals I had to travel, and she basically said: “Why not YOU…let me show you how.” That’s where the 99 Financial program came in. I immediately started to see my money not only grow, but work for my benefit.

My biggest goal was to visit Europe while still being a teenager! With the 99 Financial program, I was able to begin saving, and within literally 4 months I was able to save for a 2 month trip to Europe & the U.S. East Coast! All while still being 19 years old.

I’ve had numerous accounts of people of all ages, lifestyles, and from different countries that marvel at my capability of doing so! I ALWAYS tell them, “Believe me, it isn’t only me, the 99 Financial program has literally changed my life and has afforded me to reach some of my biggest dreams!”

Fast-forward to today, since returning from my adventurous trip, I have now graduated to the 101 Financial System, and already have the means to go on my next 2 month journey to Central America, Canada & the U.S. West Coast this summer. All while still having a savings to fall back on to. I’m already planning for a trip to Asia in early 2017.

Did I mention I work only part time as a barista and photographer? Yeah, let’s just say a TON of people are insanely interested, shocked and impressed to see me leaving again, so soon after returning from my European trip last fall.

I’m beyond thankful and feel so blessed to have an awesome Instructor and the 101 Financial System change my life like it has, and in such a short period of time! I now never have to feel that intense stress that comes with not knowing where my money will come from. I can ENJOY and LIVE my life in a state of Financial Well-Being. I used to never give in to those “this program has changed my life” quotes, but honestly I was proven wrong with 101 Financial. I mean, how many 21 year olds are able to say they’ve visited 12 countries on their own on terms, and their own dime?

Thank you Aunty Shan & 101 Financial.”

– Gabby Desimone