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101 Financial isn’t about Money – It’s about Amazing People

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101 Financial isn’t about Money – It’s about Amazing People

“My name is Doreen Tang. My fiancé, Mannon Kamai and I have two kids together. Our daughter Makena, age 4 and our son Kainoa, age 2. Mannon also has a daughter, my stepdaughter Madison, age 8. We both have very good jobs working at the Hyatt Regency Maui. Over the last 6 years together we have been through a lot together – starting a family, buying a condo, having hours cut hours at work, to losing my job for nine months. Over six years together we really saw our debt building up. We had a mortgage, I had student loans, we had a total of 4 credit cards almost all maxed out, a personal loan from consolidating our credit cards, which didn’t work. Struggling financially had become a way of life for us.

In late 2011, Mannon and I had found out about 101 financial. Curious, we looked into becoming students. At first we were scared, and for many reasons. We thought that it was a scam, we were prideful and most of all we were ashamed of where we had gotten. Thinking we could continue on our own, we decided this might not be for us right now. Fast forward one year. We were a little better off than the previous year. However we were still struggling. It felt like every time we got ahead, we were taking ten steps back. I finally decided that we needed to do this. We got back with our instructor Jodee, and after the first class we knew this what we needed to be doing.

Since we started, we have eliminated 15k of our debt. This includes 3 credit cards, our personal loan which still had 2.5 years left and various bills that were lingering around.

We finally pay our bills on time, which was a big struggle for us. Better than all of that, we are able to dream again. We had gotten so stuck in our daily struggles that we didn’t even realize we had stopped dreaming. Later on this year we are finally able to get married with the wedding we both have dreamed of. And next year we have big plans to buy a new house for our family!

With the 101 financial program it has allowed us to plan our lives instead of our lives planning for us. We do kick ourselves for not starting when we first had the opportunity. We think and wonder where would be today? But we knew at that time we weren’t ready. Now we are ready and excited to see what the future hold!

We are so grateful to be a part of the wonderful 101 Ohana! I tell people that it is funny how 101 financial isn’t really about money. It’s about the amazing people who sincerely want to help you better your life; it’s about bettering your relationships you have in your life and about opening your heart to dreaming again! We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to join the 101 Ohana!”

— Doreen Tang & Mannon Kamai, Maui, Hawaii