101 Financial has Changed My Life

I am not afraid to say, that 101 Financial has changed my life. My Husband and I joined 101 just months before getting married. We are now a year into our marriage and have accomplished so much already.

We were able to pay off my car 1.5 years early and pay for my husband’s schooling without taking out any loans. I had the opportunity to start school and this summer will have 20K to put down on our very first home. But 101 doesn’t just help you get your budgeting and debts in order. They help prepare you for the unexpected.

Unfortunately, I was in a car accident, totaling my newly paid off car and just days after that we were excited to find out we are expecting our first baby. But I didn’t lose any sleep thanks to the 101 family. We were able to buy my dream “Mom Car” and now have a budget planned for our little babe. 101 has helped us set goals and will be cheering us on as we continue to achieve them!

If you are ever on the edge of joining 101 Financial, I recommend diving in headfirst. This education program has helped us in so many ways and I know they will continue to help millions of families just like mine and yours!

 -Aubrey Arias

Aubrey from Utah