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101 Financial Has Been an Answer to Our Prayers

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101 Financial Has Been an Answer to Our Prayers

When we got married in 2014, my husband and I believed we would be financially comfortable. We were taught that with hard work and education, we would thrive. My husband, Ana, worked hard and excelled at his career. I had my master’s degree and worked professionally. We had financial goals to pay off our debts, build our savings and buy a home. We thought we would quickly and easily reach our financial goals.

However, we found it to be harder than we thought to pay off debt and pay for living expenses, while building our savings at the same time. It got even harder when we decided to have our daughter, which meant moving into a bigger place and assuming all the expenses that come with having a child.

We decided I would be a stay-at-home mom, leaving the financial responsibility on my husband. We believed if we saved enough, and if he made enough, we would have enough to survive comfortably.

But with less income and more expenses, our financial goals seemed impossible to reach. While my husband had a fair credit score, I didn’t have a credit score at all. Attempting and failing to pre-qualify for the amount we wanted for a home loan, learning that we were not as financially set as we thought, was a wakeup call for us.

Despite doing side jobs and pinching pennies to contribute to our family income, it wasn’t enough. We were barely making it. My husband felt he was inadequate as a provider. I felt I was irresponsible and made the wrong choice to be a stay-at-home mom. We lived with sadness and regret over our financial shortcomings, and lost hope that we’d ever fulfill our dreams.

One night in May, 2016, when the weight of our finances seemed unbearable, we decided to take action. We recognized we were struggling and everything we tried was not working for us. If we wanted change, we had to change what we were doing.

We previously heard about 101 Financial from family members and friends, and decided to check out the website. After watching Alan’s presentation video, we decided we were ready to start our journey to financial peace of mind. We completed our financial analysis and enrolled that night.

After building our foundation with the 99 Financial Program in June, we graduated to the 101 Financial System by July. With the smarter banking we learned, we paid off my husband’s personal credit card debt and $6,000 of his auto loan within one month.

By November, we paid off the remaining $12,000 of my husband’s auto loan, which boosted his credit score. I had also qualified for a credit card and established a good credit score. We began building our savings, which previously seemed impossible. Most importantly, we felt empowered to take control of our financial destiny.

101 Financial has literally been an answer to our prayers. It helped us work on our financial goals, allowed me to be home with my daughter, and eased the financial burden my husband felt he bore alone.

We are happy and confident that we will always be able to provide for our needs and some of our wants, too. We continue to learn skills that will last forever and that we can pass on to our family.

Working hard and gaining an education can only take you so far. Being financially educated is critical in the journey to financial peace of mind.

– Rachel Kakaiwi-Tuiasosopo