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101 Financial – Allowing Our Family to Come First

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101 Financial – Allowing Our Family to Come First

“Aloha! We are Chauncey and Anuhea St. Laurent of Kaneohe and have been students of 101 Financial since September, 2014.

Before we started the program we decided I would not return to my full-time job after giving birth to our second son. Day care costs were almost equal to an entire paycheck and I’d hardly ever see my babies if I was working.

My heart broke a little every time I thought of spending 50-60 hours at work a week, only seeing my kids for a couple of hectic hours before shuffling them to and from the sitter and preparing them for bed.

However, after a few months of me staying home with two kids we realized, that despite cutting back majorly on expenses, we were depleting our savings and racking up our credit card debt. I was forced to return to work.

An old volleyball acquaintance shared 101 Financial with us. Within 3 months of starting with 101 Financial, we had re-established our savings, paid off the credit cards we had charged up during that time, and paid off one of our car loans, which was about $30,000!

Since then we’ve been able to learn how to keep track of our budget and have increased our cash flow hundreds of dollars each month, which has allowed me to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

We have paid off three outer island trips and a two week vacation to the mainland beforehand. That’s tons of quality time with our family, making memories and having fun, and truly enjoying our lives.

We don’t fight about money anymore and are scheduled to pay off the remainder of our debt, my student loan and the rest of our car loan, by mid-2017. After that, we will use the 101 Financial System to save quickly for our first down payment and hope to purchase our first home in 2018.

We are so grateful for this program and the financial peace of mind it has given us. We now know that anything is possible, including private school for our children’s education, regular family trips, multiple home ownership, and using our wealth to help and serve others! Also, we’re so excited that we added baby number three to our family in September, 2016!”

– Chauncey and Anuhea St. Laurent