101 Financial Allowed Us to Dream Again

When Kristopher and I met in 2008 I had plans to graduate from College, start my Career as a Nurse and one day purchase a home. However, because Kristopher carried a lot of debt from a previous relationship and I too had some consumer debt from College my dreams we thought would never be possible. In fact, all because simply we did not know a better way and were never taught how to manage our money, Kristopher filed for Bankruptcy and we thought this was the only alternative.

A few months went by after filing for bankruptcy my cousin shared the Blessing of 101 Financial with us. Like most people we were very skeptical and figured it might be a scam. Then when we finally decided to take the Leap of Faith and Listen to the Presentation, we were so excited to get started. Thankfully Heather Castellano was our instructor and held our hand through every step of the way. Within the first 3 months, we paid off all of my consumer debt, paid off the tuition and managed to pay for our first family trip to the Philippines before we even went. At that point, we couldn’t believe it and we were so excited about our future. Our Goals and Dreams seemed so much more obtainable with a plan.

Within the next 6 months, we managed to purchase our first family car and also get married. Although we could’ve had a big wedding instead we decided to follow our plan and pay off our car so that we could one day buy our home. And we did just that within a year and a half we paid off our 40k Tahoe and put our self in a position to start looking for our home. Instead of jumping to the first opportunity that came, by this time we knew exactly what we could afford and knew exactly what type of home to look for. Often times people look for their dream home first and purchase something outside of their means but because of the knowledge 101 Financial taught we did our research to find a home within our budget, in great condition and also in a great location that if we were to ever sell or rent our home the value of the home would be so much higher.

Today 5 years into the program we no longer fight about money, have the knowledge to get into debt to build wealth and have so much more appreciation for each other and our hard work. Now we are inspired to dream bigger and not only pay off our house we currently have but also purchase more proprieties and take more trips as a family. The possibilities are endless with 101 Financial and we are so glad we took that leap of faith.

-Kristopher and Kristine Knight