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101 Convinced the Biggest Skeptic

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101 Convinced the Biggest Skeptic

I was a skeptic. I didn’t want our adviser, a friend, to know our financial “business” so I went into the 99 Financial Program hesitant.

It wasn’t long before we went on to the 101 Financial System, and I was still hesitant. My husband, tired of just getting by and doing banking the old way, took the lead and I am so thankful he did.

Since that leap of faith in the 101 Financial System, we opened a joint bank account (after 16 years of marriage we have never done this), our credit score improved, we bought a new car (which was something unimaginable), we have been able to travel, and our unexpected life setbacks are not as stressful using the 101 Financial System.

Our marriage has gotten better since our finances improved as well. We even have the means to bless others financially, and that feeling is fantastic!

Most recently we attended my mother-in-law’s funeral in California, all five of us! If it wasn’t for 101 Financial we know we would not have had the resources to attend as a family and say our final goodbyes.

With 101 Financial, next big step for our family will be home ownership. Can’t wait to share that story as well.”

Tamara Faagau