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10 Ways To Make More Money In Your Retirement Years

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10 Ways To Make More Money In Your Retirement Years

Are you retired and having a tough time living on your pension or social security?

Are you getting older and know you will have a better life if you plan ahead now, by setting yourself up to have the extra income you want, month after month?

I’m sure you want to be comfortable in your retirement years. Well, adding more income every month can make it easier.

Today I have 10 tips for you to give you some ideas to think about, for making more money after you retire.

Retirement Income Tip #1: Put your expertise to work by starting your own business.

There’s a good chance that whatever you did for a living before you retired can be the basis of a money-generating business. Just think, you already know how to do what you do. Just do it as a business owner or a freelancer and you could set yourself up to bring in income as long as you want.

Retirement Income Tip #2: Become an Uber driver.

If you live in an area that is fairly populated to very populated, working as an Uber driver in your spare time can be a great way to earn extra income “on demand.” It’s not a bad life to be able to work when you want to and not work when you don’t.

Retirement Income Tip #3: Work part-time at your local golf course.

If you like to golf, just imagine enjoying being on the golf course every day, while get the perks of free golf and more money. Many people would rather play golf than go to work anyway. You could be the envy of your neighborhood when you go golfing every day, while earning extra cash.
Retirement Income Tip #4: Use Airbnb or VRBO to rent out a spare room in your home.

Rental income is one of the best forms of money you can make. You really don’t have to do much to earn rental money. Just keep up your property, let people know you have a room for rent. That is now easier with listing services like AirBnB and VRBO.

Retirement Income Tip #5: Try pet sitting or walking dogs for people in your neighborhood.

If you love animals and pets, and don’t mind walking them or watching after them for a few hours every day, you can earn extra cash. At the end of the day your pet “guests” go home, and you’ve had a fun day doing what you love.

Retirement Income Tip #6: Teach English online.

There are many ways to earn an income from home, like you’re discovering today. A great way to help others from foreign lands function day to day in America is to help them learn to speak English. All you have to do is become an English teacher at one of the online language programs like Lingoda.com or iTudorGroup.

Retirement Income Tip #7: Try house sitting.

Though babysitting can be a tough job, watching over homes of people who take long vacations or live in your area seasonally can be easy. These homeowners want someone to stop by their homes regularly to make sure all is well. You can be the person who stops by weekly, and earn extra spending money while you’re at it.

Retirement Income Tip #8: Turn your hobby into a business.

Hobbies are great for extra income, since you love doing whatever the hobby is. Just do your hobby as usual, then sell the things you make online. You can get started selling what you create easily, when you set up a simple Facebook or Etsy page.

Retirement Income Tip #9: Write the book you’ve always wanted to write.

Everyone has at least one good book in them. Write a compelling book on a subject others are deeply interested in, and you could have a best-seller on your hands. Imagine you on a TV talk show talking about your latest book with the host!

Retirement Income Tip #10: Make DIY video tutorials.

YouTube is a free video platform that lets you create any video you want and share it with the world. Many create “do it yourself” tutorials in areas they are good in. What can you teach people on video to help them create or do what they want?

My message today is all about keeping yourself busy in retirement in a way that keeps you sharp and young at heart, while putting more cash in the bank. If you don’t think you can do any of these suggestions, I’m here to tell you that you can. Like Nike used to say… Just Do It!