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SPAM-Free Email Policy

101 Financial is committed to permission-based email marketing and has a no-tolerance anti-spam policy. We will never share, rent, sell, barter, make available or give away your email address to any third parties. In addition, we will only send you emails related to the specific newsletters and topics you signed up for with us.

What is Spam?

Spam is any commercial email, unsolicited bulk or “junk mail,” or alternative electronic messages that has not been requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Spam messages are the opposite of permission-based email, which are normally anticipated, personal, relevant and/or associated with a pre-existing business or personal relationship. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam. Examples of Spam consist of, but are not limited to:

What is not Spam?

A message is not Spam if the recipient directly requested information be sent to them from the sender or the sender's organization, and that recipient has not subsequently asked for removal from their list.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

101 Financial is 100% compliant with US anti-spam laws, also know as CAN-SPAM. Information on SPAM and the CANSPAM law can be found at the Federal Trade Commission web site (http://www.ftc.gov/spam/) and on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN-SPAM_Act_of_2003).

Your email address

101 Financial only collects and stores your email address in order to send you the information and services you have requested. You can unsubscribe at any time for any reason quickly and easily at our online preferences center. If you ever have a problem with your subscription, feel free to contact Customer Service at CustomerService@101Financial.com.

Your friend's email address

Our website and emails offer you the chance to forward messages to friends. We will only use your friend's email address in order to send the message you asked us to send. We do not store these email address and will only send these accounts emails if they voluntarily subscribe to our services.

Some people may abuse our "Forward this Email" system to send some email to a person who is not a friend and who doesn't want to get email from us. This is a built-in danger when you offer people the convenience of forwarding an article to a friend. If someone using our system sends you something you don't want, we apologize unreservedly. If you have received an unwanted forwarded email, please feel free to contact Customer Service at CustomerService@101Financial.com.

Special offers

101 Financial will never send you an email blast on behalf of a third party. Occasionally, we may email you special offers concerning 101 Financial.


If you no longer wish to receive email from 101 Financial, you may click the “Update your Profile” or “Unsubscribe” links on any of our emails, or simply reply to the email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the body.


101 Financial reserves the right to change our policy in the future, though we will never remove requirements. We may new requirements as Federal and State laws evolve over time. In the event that we update our Spam policy, the new information will be posted here.

Reporting Spam

If you believe that you have received spam from 101 Financial, please send a complaint from your email account along with the unsolicited email, with completed header, to support@101Financial.com. Please provide any other information that you believe may help us in our investigation. 101 Financial does not investigate or take any action based on “anonymous” spam complaints.

False Spam Complaints

101 Financial supports the efforts of various organizations working to responsibly eliminate spam activities. However, if an individual has opted-in to receive email from us, and then falsely or maliciously files a spam complaint against 101 Financial, 101 Financial will cooperate fully with the appropriate agencies to ban the complainant from use of anti-spam software and the Internet community.

Contacting Us

In the event of any question relating to this site, please e-mail us at customerservice@101financial.com or mail us at:

This Policy is effective as of January 1, 2008.

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