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The 101 Financial Plan

The 101 Financial Educational System focuses on the four key areas of personal finance:

  1. Better Budgeting
  2. Smart Banking
  3. Debt Management
  4. Credit Building

The 101 Financial Educational System helps you to build a solid financial foundation by understanding some of the most important and basic financial concepts essential to our future.

At 101 Financial we believe that everyone should know how to manage the money that comes into our lives (income) and the money that goes out (expenses). We also need to know how to best deal with the debt we have and how to pay it off in the shortest period of time. Understanding which banking products to use and how to build up a positive credit history is critical to your financial health.

As a 101 Financial Student you will learn all of these financial concepts and more in a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand system. You will have access to the some of the best, personalized service and financial education from our 101 Certified Instructors. As a result of this newfound education you will experience something incredible that thousands of our Students are feeling every single day: Financial Peace of Mind!

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101 Success Stories
101 Success Stories

"We now spend more time doing the things we enjoy, and less time worrying."

Kai & Destiny, Kaneohe, HI

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