My Life is Even Sweeter not being in that Whirlpool of Debt

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My Life is Even Sweeter not being in that Whirlpool of Debt

“I was invited more than five years ago to come to a Financial 101 presentation, but my pride kept getting in the way. I always thought that I didn’t need anyone telling me how to pay my bills since I was such an expert at it anyway. Even with the multitude of different creditors I had, I could tell you how much I owed, what the minimum payment was & when it was due. Sadly, that was the extent of my knowledge that had me in a whirlpool of debt that I couldn’t get out of for many, many years.

As I was drowning in my sea of debt not seeing a way out, I asked God for help. I promised that I would follow if He led the way. He sent help via a phone call out of the blue from Rochelle [my instructor] inviting me to a presentation. I went without reservation knowing that I couldn’t be in a worse place than where I was.

During the presentation I started to see the light that they were shining and a way to guide me out of my mess. I immediately signed up after the meeting. I started their program in June and owed eleven creditors. It’s now September and I’m down to three!

When they initially did my financial forecast, if I continued the conventional way I was doing things, I would pay of my debts in about 15-20 years. Being on the 101 Financial plan, they estimated about 16 months.

Seeing the success of being on their program for only three months and what it has done so far, my life has changed dramatically. I can now breathe easier, and actually have goals that I know now are actually attainable. My life is even sweeter not being in that whirlpool of debt. The knowledge gained through 101 Financial is priceless. Thank you Rochelle & 101 Financial!”

— Melissa, from Maui, Hawaii, Since June 2012