The Education 101 has Given Us has been Life Changing

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The Education 101 has Given Us has been Life Changing

“Our 101 Financial journey started back in 2007, when I was invited by a friend to attend a meeting. Little did I know that my friend was already involved with 101 and had already taken care of a substantial amount of debt. That night I left the meeting very impressed with what I learned and really felt an opportunity to change our current financial situation, which was at the time, $45,000.00 worth of consumer debt.

Unfortunately, we began to procrastinate and did nothing for three years, until one day my wife got an invite from some dear friends of ours to see a 101 meeting held at a hotel. My wife got excited. There was one problem, our debt total was now $54,000.00 with a negative cash flow. Our instructors immediately got us going on the 99 Financial Program and soon after, we went right into the 101 Program.

Conventionally, our debt would have taken us 10 years to pay off. With the 101 System, we have a 12 month plan and we are currently 6 months away from becoming debt free. We had the opportunity to sit with the President of 101-Alan Akina, to share our progress on the system. He asked that we call him in 12 months when we’re debt free. Our goal is to beat the 12 months and call him in 10 instead!

Recently, I attended a 101 Refresher class and shared this with those there. Throughout my years as a football coach, we were able to win many championships. However, I continued to seek the advice of others in the field to learn of ways to constantly grow & improve. It is like that with the 101 System. Going to refresher classes & striving to learn more from our instructors will allow us to do the best with our 101 System. Like the game of football, you need to show up for practices, learn from your coaches & implement what you learn in order to play the best game.

We thank God for bringing our dear friends Sam & Marianne Sheldon into our lives. We are truly thankful for their guidance, love and patience with us.

The education 101 has given us has been life changing. We will continue to move ahead to reach our goal of financial freedom. Thank you 101 Financial for changing our lives!”

— Derek & Michele Borrero, Lihue, Kaua’i