They Don’t Teach us About Finances in School

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They Don’t Teach us About Finances in School

“I admit – I Walked into this thinking there was no way anyone could help us. And I blamed myself for the situation my family is in financially. But I was open to hearing about 101 Financial.

I met my Instructor Roberta and she was very nice and positive. She shared about 101 Financial and went over my finances, and told me we could begin with the 99 Financial system. So I came home and talked to my family about what we will be doing. The positive thing was that my teenage son responded with openness and willingness.

It has been about 5 months now and we continue to learn accountability, budgeting, shopping and working together. We have seen money going towards savings and were able to replace our washing machine in an emergency.

We have just begun the 101 Financial system and will start to pay down our debts. We are and will always be so grateful and thankful to 101 Financial for saving us and guiding us. THANK YOU!”

— Lynn and Eugene Manzano, Hilo, HI, Since April, 2011