What a Blessing from Above to Have 101 Financial in My Life

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What a Blessing from Above to Have 101 Financial in My Life

“I was introduced to 101 Financial by a good family friend Michael “Sluggo” Felicilda & his wife Pua. When they first contacted me about this opportunity, I had second thoughts. Can I really be debt free and own my first house soon? It all sounded too good to pass up on.

I attended a seminar in April 2009 at the Maui Beach Hotel and brought along my soon to be husband Gregory White for some support. We both sat in the seminar really amazed at just the introduction of 101 Financial and what they have to offer. It felt a little more comfortable having more local Hawaiian people there.

Having to be a single mother for the past 8 years, I have built up a lot of debt in making daily living expenses for the both of us. Working day after day and living paycheck-to-paycheck like many others out there I felt very overwhelm in paying off my debt. Trying to reach the goal of owning my own home and paying off bills and loans seemed like a stress in life when receiving my paycheck.

Having good instructors like Michael “Sluggo” Felicilda, Pua, and their motivated team have given me a lot in my life when receiving a paycheck now. Starting with a debt of about $23,000.00, working part time, attending school at Maui College and my single parent life was a shock of my life. Within a time period of 15 months, I have a debt of $9,000.00 left to pay off with a part time work of income.

All the knowledge and financial skills that I have learned from 101 Financial will soon lead us in purchasing our first home, getting married and welcoming our blessing bundle of joy into our lives in October 2010. What a blessing from above to have 101 Financial in my life. THANK YOU!”

— Sanoe Cabanting, Makawao, Hawaii, Since May 2009