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101 Financial Retains Product Development Experts Adele Sommers PhD and Jeffrey Stamp PhD

101 Financial teaches students critical money-management methods not taught typically taught in school. CEO and Founder Alan Akina recently retained product development and learning systems expert Adele Sommers PhD and innovator and brand strategist Jeffrey Stamp PhD to develop and optimize learning systems which enable Akina's students to reduce debt and manage money properly.

Honolulu, HI (PR WEB) March 7, 2016 – Financial education company 101 Financial has created and optimized high-level learning systems by retaining product and learning systems expert Adele Sommers PhD and brand strategist and innovator Jeffrey Stamp PhD.

101 Financial CEO and Founder Alan Akina has a passion for helping people live better lives through essential personal finance education. In 2001, Akina started building his company, 101 Financial, to enable students to successfully manage money, and eliminate money-related stress and problems.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Akina knew he wanted to enable his students in an impactful way. He did not want others to have to live without personal finance skills like his family did growing up. This is why Akina created his impactful and efficient learning systems, with product development and learning systems expert Adele Sommers PhD and innovator Jeffrey Stamp PhD.

Akina retained Adele Sommers PhD as Director of E-Learning and Product Development in 2015. Adele helps organizations “discover and recover” hidden potential through optimizing learning opportunities, designing effective education, removing obstacles to success, and supporting community engagement. She enables existing learning systems at 101 Financial to have a greater impact on students who want to take control of their finances. Adele's expertise also improves the methods and processes made available to 101 Financial Instructors, to enable them to be better Instructors, and help students break away from a life of stress and frustration caused by personal finances out of control.

Akina retained Jeffrey Stamp PhD as Senior Advisor and Director of Brand Strategies in 2015. Jeffrey's addition to the 101 Financial team enables existing branding, process and teaching models to evolve as 101 Financial grows and helps more families live lives without financial pressure and problems. He is called upon for advice by numerous entrepreneurs, to share his methodologies and practices for developing brands and systems that help people live better, more enjoyable, more fulfilling lives. His innovations have enabled 101 Financial to use technology more efficiently. Jeffrey's work with 101 Financial enables the teaching team to make a bigger difference in people's lives generation after generation. His processes and models are now available as part of the 101 Financial System available at 101Financial.com.


About 101 Financial:
101 Financial is a personal finance education company, dedicated to helping people take control of their finances, and live lives of financial peace of mind. Alan Akina has created efficient and effective instructor-led learning systems for the benefit of his students.

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Adele Sommers PhD
Learning Systems Expert

Jeffrey Stamp PhD
Innovator & Brand Strategist