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Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing Your Mortgage part 2

Saving in Moderation

Getting a Pay Raise

1. Getting Started
WEEK 1 (Air date: 1/3/2011)

For many of us, our financial life is stressful and often overwhelming. This morning, we get advice in a financial fitness Tip of the Week with Hawaii money expert Alan Akina

Starting Line Cash Flow Worksheet (65.3KB)

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2. Good Money, Bad Money
WEEK 2 (Air date: 1/10/2011)

Most of us don't ever think about our money as either Good Money or Bad Money. That's part of the financial fitness Tip of the Week this morning with Hawaii money expert Alan Akina.

Good vs. Bad Money Excel Worksheet (23KB)

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3. Smart Banking
WEEK 3 (Air date: 1/17/2011)

On the last Financial Fitness Tip of the Week, Alan Akina talked about Good money and Bad money. This week's tip is about your bank account or in many cases bank account(s). Here's money expert Alan Akina.

Financial Fitness Calendar - Worksheet (29KB)

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4. Automating Part 1
WEEK 4 (Air date: 1/24/2011)

Our bills never seem to take holiday. They always seem to arrive on time. On today's Financial Fitness Tip of the Week, money expert Alan Akina gives us a really useful tip so it all becomes automatic.

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5. Automating Part 2
WEEK 5 (Air date: 1/31/2011)

Last week I had you write down all of your paydays, bill due dates and debt payments on a single blank calendar. This week I want to go through each and every item to see if we automate it using the following tools...

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6. Debt Stacking
WEEK 6 (Air date: 2/7/2011)

Today's tip will help you to trim off your debt super fast using a technique called Debt Stacking.

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7. Understanding Credit, Part 1
WEEK 7 (Air date: 2/14/2011)

This week we will focus in on your Credit Report, next week I will cover Credit Scores.

Visit AnnualCreditReport.com for your free reports

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8. Understanding Credit, Part 2
WEEK 8 (Air date: 2/21/2011)

What is a Credit Score? Basically, it's a financial grade that you and I get from the 3 credit agencies...

Visit CreditKarma.com for your free monthly credit score.

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9. Rainy Day Account
WEEK 9 (Air date: 2/28/2011)

In today's tip I want to help you to build a "Rainy-Day Account" that can be used to cover those unexpected expenses.

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10. Choosing a Tax Preparer
WEEK 10 (Air date: 3/07/2011)

The beginning of March is the "halfway" point of the dreaded tax season. If you haven't done your taxes yet, we will discuss some of your options

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11. Tips for using an "Expense" Credit Card (Part 1)
WEEK 11 (no Air date)

Alan will share the many benefits of using an "Expense" Credit Card.

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12. Tips for using an "Expense" Credit Card (Part 2)
WEEK 12 (Air date: 4/04/2011)

Last time I talked about the many benefits of using what I call an "Expense" Credit Card. In today's tip, I want to show you how to safely use this card.

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13. Disaster Preparedness
WEEK 13 (Air date: 4/11/2011)

In wake of the devastation in Japan and the near misses we've had in Hawaii, Alan wanted to do a couple special segments on preparing financially for disasters.

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14. Disaster Preparedness, Part 2
WEEK 14 (Air date: 4/18/2011)

Here are 3 more very important tips that will help you to prepare your finances, to be ready, just in case.

15. Becoming Financially Literate
WEEK 15 (Air date: 4/25/2011)

Last year, President Obama named April National Financial Literacy month for good reason. Financial education can help prevent another economic crisis...

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16. Get an Early Start on your Taxes
WEEK 16 (Air date: 5/2/2011)

Now, that tax deadlines have passed, it's time we clean up our financial house and tackle the plies of paperwork, documents and statements. But what to keep and what to toss out?

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17. Long-Term Record Keeping
WEEK 17 (Air date: 5/9/2011)

Last week we talked about which financial documents you need to keep for the short-term. Today we will cover which important documents you need to keep for the long-term.

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18. Should Your Teen Get a Summer Job?
WEEK 18 (Air date: 5/16/2011)

Our kids will be out of school in a few weeks and into their summer break. Here are 5 reasons to consider having your teenager get a summer job.

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19. Calculating your Credit Score
WEEK 19 (Air date: 6/6/2011)

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to calculating our Credit Scores. It's called VantageScore.

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20. Life Insurance (Part 1)
WEEK 20 (Air date: 6/13/2011)

One of the best things you can do to protect your family and to have financial peace of mind is to get life insurance.

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21. Life Insurance (Part 2)
WEEK 21 (Air date: 6/20/2011)

In my opinion Term is the purest and simplest form of life insurance you can get. So what is Term?

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22. Life Insurance (Part 3)
WEEK 22 (Air date: 6/27/2011)

Alan Akina discusses whole life insurance to protect your loved ones on this financial fitness report.

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23. Life Insurance part 4
WEEK 23 (Air date: 7/11/2011)

Alan Akina explains Universal Life Insurance and how to get started

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24. Last Will and Testament
WEEK 24 (Air date: 7/18/2011)

What would happen to all your assets, and what would happen to your family? Alan Akina helps us understand the importance of setting up your Last Will and Testament.

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25. Starting a Business
WEEK 25 (Air date: 7/25/2011)

Summertime may be the best time to start your own business. Alan Akina explains there are great opportunities out there - start researching and using resources to get a business going!

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U.S. Debt Limit Issue Reviewed

Alan Akina explains the current issue with the U.S. Government's Debt Limit issue.

Making Payments On Time
Alan Akina shares with us tips on how to make our bill payments on time and why it's so important.

Protecting Against Fraud
Alan Akina stressed the importance of protecting yourself against telephone fraud. A big target is our Kupuna, our senior citizens. Help them and fight against fraud.

How to be More Productive
Alan Akina offers 5 tips on how to be more productive each day.

Student Loans
Those student loans add up and can become a burden to us if we don't plan in a smart way. Here's Alan with some tips about our student loans.

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